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 Biomorphic Sculpture Park
In the beginning of XX century biomorphic concept became the part of art by Frank Lloyd Wright, the poet, and Hans Arp, the painter and sculptor. The concept is based on several principles.
“The objects of art have grow up from landscape like the plant springs from the soil and, as well as al livings have harmonious combination with environment. It seems like the nature created it.
The art finds its expression not in a beauty, but in a chance. The pieces of art are being made in new artistic reality, where there is no place for rational and logical things. The artist needs to be free from any control. Only in this case the artist will be able to image elemental forces of nature in his artworks. If we implement this idea, we will resist any human movement to push its own system on nature.”
The concept of biomorphic sculpture Park will be creation of special space with rich air of art. Place far from city conglomeration and urbanization. It’s an attempt to return person to nature and to help to manage own life and aspiration in harmony with laws and rhythms of Nature.
All park sculpture objects will have one specific character. If the sculpture is not the part of tourist visiting complex, it will turn into peculiar refuge for plants and little ark for animals, birds, and insects and fish that living in local environment. The sculptures are connected with nature and have symbiotic union between them and elements of wind, water, forest and sun.
We will create sculptures in precise chosen locations. Their construction will let them to become a single whole with environment, to turn into an integral part of nature, that symbolize the spirit of every spot.

We have already created our first and fundamental object.
Presumptive artist are
Dmitri Kawarga

A radical in biomorphic area. The mastermind of the park.

Sculpture sketch in the marsh. This object will be created by making inner hollows for bird population. There are another sketch below. A couple of group “Sculpture beehive” for bee population.

The artist and founder of landscape object park, Nikolo-Lenivets and Archstoyaniye fest. He works by nature materials like wood, branches and roots.

The artist, who lives in Karelia forests and works by metal as well as by nature material.
We are going to offer him to make a windmill sculpture.

A Belgian artist, Russian north fan. In summer of 2018 Ms. Coolen have visited Gonginichi. She works by different materials, ceramics, composite and metall.

Atelier Van Lieshout Netherlands
Cult group of Netherlands artists, who adhere to principles of biomorphic art.

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